Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is needed.

I have been thinking and something is sorely missing from the N64 emulation scene, a video plugin which:

* Is developed on a consensus (games MUST be tested from start to finish, AND be faithfully emulated. That is, if a effort to emulate SM64 is done, it MUST be done from start to finish and the end result should look like real hardware)
* Uses NO inis for configuration, except for storing things like screen resolution. This means, no per game hacks in a game INI.
* Is developed for emulation in mind (NO texture packs)
* Has support for hw accelerated filters (eg. 2xSai on the GPU)
* Supports clean ROMs ONLY (no hacks, just (U) or (J) ROMs. Only supports PAL in circumstances that warrants it).
* Can be ported to Linux and MacOSX

Must be batshit crazy, whatever. Just some things I have been thinking about.


angrylion said...

You can't get rid of INI files without LLE (i.e. emulating RSP), because INIs store information about games' microcodes.

mudlord said...

I was thinking of a internal DB. :)

Much cleaner than INIs.