Sunday, March 2, 2008

Work on Windows music player started

I now started to work on my player:

So far, executable size is only 136KB..Biggest component is GME, followed by BASS, then zlib, then the PNG image shown above, then libv2 and the MIDI synthesiser code.

More pictures will come when I work on it more....


TheCloudOfSmoke said...

Looks good so far. :) I always wanted an all in one standalone video game music player for my game music but there really isn't anything good out except for WinAMP plugins. The rest aren't that good though. Can't wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...

yes! I would really like this! Would complement my collection of VGMs!!

Waiting anxiously for this release! on a side note, is there anywher ei can download MIPS without signing up the forums? I don't see it in ur Programs webpage. heh

V1ncent said...

Nice. Can't wait for more news. :D
But the name 'GMP player' is not quite attractive.
It's just my opinion though. :(