Thursday, February 28, 2008



After about a couple of hours messing with MSVC2008, I came up with something:
For the unenlightened, its a music player based on blargg's Game_Music_Emu. With his patches for cycle accurate emulation. It supports every single format his player support, and it doesn't support DirectSound. I instead used only WaveOut, and so it took a bit of research to do and plug it into a simple libao interface. Not bad huh?

Its available by request. And I am planning a Windows GUI version..too.

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etabeta said...

if you plan to make this player a larger project to spend some time on (a thing I'd really like, since I strongly believe the more vg music players the better), you would have to remember that blargg's core is also used in Audio Overload (check ).

therefore, you could try to add some feature that player doesn't have, to attract people ;)

keep up the great work (with vba-m as well)