Friday, February 8, 2008

Upcoming Glide64

Just thought I'd post some of my experiences with the new Glide64 version.

There are some pretty major updates to emulation. Here's just a few:

* Conker's Bad Fur Day is now emulated perfectly. Yes you heard right: This game, when emulated, now looks 100% identical to real N64 hardware. Considering this is the most technically taxing and impressive N64 game out there, this is saying something.
* YUV texture support. These framebuffer textures are now natively supported. Games like Bottom of the Ninth use this for image representation purposes.
* 32-bit texture support. Needed for the Japanese version of Pokemon Stadium.
* rdphalf microcode commands are emulated. This is used for Perfect Dark and GE 007 sky. Which also means Perfect Dark is, perfectly emulation.
* Not to mention on top of that, full high resolution texture support.

There's loads of other nice things too, but it will take all day to list them....


Anonymous said...

Dobutsu no Mori (Animal Forest) menu screen improved?

Setya5785 said...

too bad my card isn't vodoo based. so can't really test glide64 wonder++
quite satisfied with habo D3D8 and rice video 6.1.4 (lol, this one is yours right ^_^ )

Setya5785 said...

ups, i mean 'jabo' not 'habo'

mudlord said...

Setya: The new version doesnt need a Voodoo card. It works well on normal cards, too.
Anon: Not sure.

Setya5785 said...

:) i get funny colour with it :|
but then again, i forgot about teh wrapper ^_^ which is inluded in teh download. i copy that, and play it, it;s quite nice actually. i only have zelda roms, so only tried it with those.
about the display and effect, i got about the same result from jabo's (the newest 1.7)

Squall Leonhart said...

we don't discuss 1.7 outside of the pj64 forums, unless its regarding progression updates.