Monday, February 18, 2008

Some notes..

1) Source code for NDS FE is there for people to tinker. Basically, its finished, bugs need to be fixed. I am currently too busy with more important things than work on it at this point in time.
2) New VBA-M update. Has more optimizations to the core. Please try it.
3) University has began again. So my spare time has went down a bit. Please keep this in mind when asking about release dates, and this is why things are released when its done. I can't stress that point enough. Plus, I generally do things when I feel like it. So don't pester me for things, as I wouldnt listen.
4) Don't ask for ROMS. Please...


Squall Leonhart said...

ZOMG! wheres my roms damnit!!!!

*everytime a post like this is made, God kills 5 kittens.

Please, think of the kittens*

mudlord said...

HAhahahahahah, I agree..I can't start to imagine how much kittens are dead already.